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At Buell Realtime Reporting, we are excited about the utilization of mobile devices in litigation and are leading the field with our new BuellMobile app. When you download the BuellMobile App, you have instant, secure access to all your case information, including deposition schedule, transcripts, exhibits, invoices, and more straight from your mobile device.

These are the top five reasons you should install and use the BuellMobile App. 

1. Dedicated BuellMobile App. Your information is available instantly via smartphone or tablet. Say goodbye to carrying around a laptop, waiting for it to boot up, typing in a lengthy URL, and signing in. Additionally, there is no webpage timing out. 

2. Access to your deposition calendar. Clients and reporters can view their detailed deposition schedule directly from their smartphone or tablet. The app also includes driving directions to each scheduled proceeding. 

3. 24/7 mobile access to transcripts and exhibits. The BuellMobile App allows clients and reporters to view case files, including searching by case name or number. You have the ability to track the dates that you reviewed files and see when new files have been uploaded. You can also download your transcripts and exhibits to work on the files offline - search, highlight, make comments and share transcripts with colleagues. 

4. Receive instant answers to all financial questions. View invoices and statements, with payment history and current outstanding balances. 

5. Personalized customer support. We’re always here to help—and now, you can also reach us through our BuellMobile App. Ask questions and track the resolution of your issue with the support ticket system. 

Download the BuellMobile App and experience how easy and convenient it is to navigate through your files. Buell is committed to constantly seeking the latest tools to help legal professionals access their transcripts and files in a secure and expedient manner.