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Comprehensive Videography Services for Litigation

Our team has the experience to capture your legal processes accurately, from crystal-clear video depositions to dynamic trial presentations.

Quality Legal Video Services:

At Buell, our team of certified legal videographers places the same emphasis on providing outstanding customer experience and a final product that exceeds standard expectations. Proceedings can be recorded in various formats according to your preferences.

Adapting to your Timelines with Swift Service:

With a video order at the time of the deposition, our standard video turnaround is 5-7 business days within Western Washington. Video delivery dates in other geographic areas may fall outside this delivery time frame. Expedited video delivery is also available to meet your litigation deadlines.

Our commitment to prompt video delivery is unwavering because we understand the pace of the legal profession. We understand how the litigation can throw curveballs your way, requiring you to act promptly.

That's why we offer swift, expedited services, ensuring your video evidence is in your hands exactly when you need it, no matter your location, even in Los Angeles or New York.

Our pledge to provide videos within a 5 to 7-business-day window for our Western Washington clientele is just the beginning.

We’re committed to keeping your legal tasks on track with top-quality, timely videography solutions.

Transforming Testimony Review with Technology:

Video-text synchronization allows you to view transcript testimony alongside the deposition video. This contemporary technology allows you to create clips, edit testimony, and integrate the exhibits with the video and transcript combined.

We developed this service to transform how legal professionals review and utilize deposition footage. Merging the visual and written parts of testimony creates a whole new approach to case preparation.

It empowers your team by helping them navigate video depositions, quickly identify the important bits, and prepare for cross-examinations. This gives you an edge and helps you project yourself as razor-sharp and impactful in your evidence presentations.

Directing the Narrative with Expert Editing:

Our experienced video production department uses our digital editing process to create video clips according to your specifications and litigation needs.

Our approach ensures that your arguments hit harder. Our video production team is usually on standby, ready to turn your legal videos into their most potent form.

We ensure your content is seen, understood, and felt using cutting-edge editing tools while paying attention to the most minute details.

Clarity in Medical Examination Documentation:

Our videographers can document medical examinations between physicians and patients for various litigation purposes.

In legal and medical assessments, the details of videos are paramount. At Buell, our professional videographers are concerned with capturing every detail in exams conducted by an independent medical examiner.

Our camera work gives a dispassionate account of the examination process, ensuring that all significant moments and evaluations are preserved.

Vivid Storytelling of Daily Struggles:

Our services include recording and editing an individual's day-to-day activities to provide a snapshot of his or her life. This is particularly useful for mediation purposes.

Day-in-the-life videos share the real stories of what people go through daily because of their injuries or health conditions.

Video allows you to project what life is like for them, showing the ups and downs and how they must adapt. This gives juries and decision-makers a real peek into the person's life at the center of it all, helping them understand and feel more connected to what that person is going through.

These videos are created with empathy and complete professionalism to maintain the subject's dignity while clarifying how such difficulties contribute to supporting a legal narrative.

Precision in Environmental and Technical Documentation:

Buell videographers can be deployed to record physical locations and the mechanical workings of devices or technical equipment.

Whether it’s a sprawling construction site, a specific roadway, or intricate machinery, we ensure that every relevant detail is documented. This helps legal professionals strengthen their arguments and make their court presentations more compelling.

Export videography for Legal Excellence

We are a leading provider of legal videography services in the Washington State area. At Buell, we specialize in capturing every critical moment of legal proceedings with unmatched clarity and precision.

Our professional legal video specialists use the most up-to-date high-definition broadcast-quality video equipment. We use these tools to preserve audio-visual details presented during testimonies given by witnesses.

Call us for recordings of various litigation scenarios, including depositions, arbitrations, court reporting, and remote depositions. There's always a package tailored just right for each attorney. It doesn’t matter if you will be doing a mock deposition, need an A-Day-in-the-Life video, or want comprehensive, high-quality video recording and post-production support for a trial presentation.

Buell offers more than just digital recording. We also provide multimedia integration, video-text synchronization, and video editing. We ensure that your evidence is as solid as possible. By choosing Buell, you partner with professionals who value proficiency, excellence, and attention to detail. We fully appreciate how essential our services are within this industry.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Buell Realtime for the past several years.

William Smart, Attorney, Ruiz & Smart LLP

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