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Unlocking Communication: Our Interpreter Service Features

Our focus goes beyond words. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels understood, included, and accurately represented. Here’s a look into the unique features that make our interpreter services essential to Washington litigators

Bridging the Gap with ASL:

We help to fully integrate the deaf and hard-of-hearing community into Washington's legal system with ASL translators.

Our translators go beyond converting signs to language. We seek to express feelings and intentions and ensure that the nuanced details of communication become more accessible to everyone in the court.

Justice Accessible to All:

The legal system can seem complex, especially when language barriers are involved. Court interpreters are trained in recognizing legal terminology in different languages, including but not limited to Ukrainian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Beyond translation roles, these professionals perform the essential function of justice facilitators, helping all sides involved in a legal process be heard and fully understood.

By breaking down linguistic barriers, our interpreters help uphold the fundamental principles of fairness and equity in the legal system.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Arbitration and mediation provide ways to resolve disputes outside the traditional courtroom setting. These cases require precise and nuanced communication, and our interpreters have experience in these alternative dispute-resolution environments.

They are adept at conveying complex legal concepts and subtle negotiations across languages.

They also ensure that all parties fully understand the proceedings, contributing to fair outcomes and mutual understanding.

Ask us about proficiency in any of the languages used in Washington, including Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic.

Communication Without Borders:

Our interpreters can assist litigation teams with services that overcome language and geographic barriers.

We can assist litigators during remote meetings and ensure that both sides are understood, even if more than one language is used.

Building Strong Cases:

Effective preparation is crucial for any legal case. Our interpreters extend their expertise to pre-trial activities, including depositions, witness preparations, and client meetings.

We have interpreters ready to provide clarity in a wide range of languages. They ensure that language differences don’t hinder the gathering of evidence and the articulation of testimonies.

Privacy with Precision:

The confidentiality of legal discussions is critical. Our legal interpreters are experts in linguistic translations and maintain the highest level of privacy and discretion.

Whether it’s a sensitive negotiation or a high-stakes trial, you can trust our team to handle your information with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Support When You Need It Most:

Legal needs can come up at any moment. Immediate access to interpretation services can be crucial.

We offer 24/7 availability for our interpreter services, ensuring that you have access to qualified legal interpreters exactly when you need them. This helps support your case's continuous movement regardless of language barriers.

Beyond Words:

Our translation services extend beyond just changing the wording from one language to another. We enable your message to be understood across cultures.

Our translations encompass several languages, such as French, Cantonese, German, Japanese, and Ukrainian, and are designed more for accuracy than poignancy.

Why Choose Our Comprehensive Interpreter and Translation Services In Washington?

Legal settings require clear and accurate communication, and Buell Realtime Reporting appreciates this. From Seattle to Spokane, our team of certified interpreters covers an impressive spectrum of languages.

Suppose you need fluent Spanish for a courtroom battle, Mandarin for a medical consultation, or American Sign Language to ensure no message is lost. In that case, we’re here to dismantle any language barriers between you and clarity.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at in-person interpretation. We’re erasing the constraints of geography with remote interpretation solutions that bring us right to you. Our interpreters can assist wherever you are in Washington—from the heart of Seattle City and King County to the busy corridors of Olympia.

Do you need a translator who understands healthcare practices, social services, or other major industries? We have interpreters who have assisted with many different kinds of cases. We can match you with one who has experience working with the industry of your witnesses.

If you need Snohomish court interpreters, translation service providers for legal documents, or ASL translators for inclusive conversations, Buell can handle it all for you.

More than translation is required. Every translated word has to be accurate in terms of meaning and culturally sensitive—this is our commitment to excellent language services.

Reviewing legal documents is a critical component of the legal process, requiring absolute accuracy in understanding. Our team extends its interpreting services to include the review of legal documents.

This way, we ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Whether it’s a contract or documents you need to submit for your case, our interpreters team up with lawyers to ensure everything is translated clearly and correctly.


I have had the pleasure of working with Buell Realtime for the past several years.

William Smart, Attorney, Ruiz & Smart LLP

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