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Take a closer look at the specific features that differentiate our video deposition services.

Enhance Your Case with Unmatched Visual Precision:

Buell’s commitment to superior quality is reflected in its unmatched video clarity. Our high-definition video solutions provide a vivid, detailed view that closely mimics the nuance and intensity of in-person communication.

We make an effort to ensure visual clarity so that every movement, facial expression, or spoken word is captured accurately so as to facilitate fuller comprehension and involvement in depositions.

With Buell, it's not just about holding a deposition but crafting an impressive vision for courtroom litigation.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

When it comes to legal proceedings, one essential aspect is communication channel integrity. Buell’s videoconferencing solutions install cutting-edge encryption protocols for your absolute privacy in every conversation.

Our secure channels have leakproof features and cannot easily be illegally accessed, allowing your discourse to be open. It also gives you and your clients the confidence to speak freely and openly without fear of negative consequences.

Such data protection helps legal teams concentrate on their cases, knowing the best-in-class technology protects their conversations.

The Ultimate in Deposition Flexibility:

In an era where agility can define the success of legal outcomes, Buell’s mobile videoconference deposition service offers unparalleled adaptability. Our system is designed to work well with all types of gadgets, offering you a strong, user-friendly interface that doesn't compromise quality for convenience.

This enables people to participate in a deposition, regardless of location fully. It doesn’t matter if they’re at an office on the topmost floor or in a quiet suburb thousands of miles away.

Buell ensures your depositions proceed smoothly no matter where life takes you, providing a seamless blend of mobility and reliability.

Crafting Visual Evidence with Expertise:

Our legal videography experts utilize the latest video technology to produce clear, compelling videos for all your legal needs.

From intricate site inspections that require a keen eye for detail to capturing the essence of day-in-the-life videos that tell a story beyond words, we handle every aspect of videography with precision and professionalism.

Our service enhances your legal narrative, providing powerful visual tools to support your case.

Enhancing Videotaped Deposition Review:

With Buell’s advanced realtime playback and sync, legal professionals can now dive into deposition footage like never before. Need to find and analyze a specific part of the video testimony? It's just a click away.

By merging video with the written word, we are closing the gap between seeing and reading the testimony. You get a more comprehensive picture, which aids in identifying critical moments that could swing things in your favor.

We’ll help you improve your preparation to become smarter, faster, and more impactful than ever before.

Legal Proceedings with High-Quality Video:

Buell’s video deposition services cross beyond their borders in Washington to embrace the entire nation, through which legal teams and clients are interconnected.

Our modern technology means that any distance cannot hinder effective legal processes. Apart from saving time and resources, this extensive coverage permits more interaction within law firms, thereby making it a better and more inclusive process for witnesses to participate.

Transition Through Meticulous Postproduction:

Buell's expert post-production services make the journey from deposition to courtroom presentation smooth and efficient.

Our dedicated team meticulously edits and refines the deposition footage, ensuring that every detail is clearly presented.

We prepare your deposition footage for the courtroom, improve it with trial director enhancements, and tailor the videos specifically for your case.

Your Guide to Seamless Video Deposition Services

Our services are customized for the Washington legal community and have allowed lawyers, paralegals, and others to achieve more with less time spent communicating through eye-to-eye contact. Our videoconferencing solutions guarantee a private discussion setting for you and others involved in your litigation or team.

Videoconferences are also highly effective in reducing the time and expenses associated with traditional in-person depositions. Let us help you connect everyone involved. Our remote access provisions make it possible to connect with participants anywhere, like in New York, New Jersey, or even here in Washington.

When videoconferencing meetings are concluded, we can deliver high-definition videos that capture all the important events without losing any detail. From the gestures that speakers make to their body language, our videographers ensure you do not miss out on any vital piece of testimony.

With extras such as picture-in-picture and broadcast-quality video editing included for every deposition we handle, our videos are ready-made courtroom exhibits.

Whether it's an arbitration during a trial presentation or reliable legal videography, it doesn't matter—we've got you covered. Our certified legal videographers ensure each deposition goes off without a hitch, supported by cutting-edge video production and post-production technologies.


I have had the pleasure of working with Buell Realtime for the past several years.

William Smart, Attorney, Ruiz & Smart LLP

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