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Buell for the WIN! This firm is PRO LEVEL.

They are incredibly responsive and professional. They are so responsive and have been there when a last minute dep was mistakenly not scheduled to have a dep reporter. They quickly responded and got us a reporter, phew. Not to mention that the reporters are all excellent, before we switched our time correcting transcripts was time consuming, by using them we have reduced this task by more than half. I cannot recommend Buell Court Reporting enough. They are the epitome of professionalism, and their dedication to their clients is bar none. If you are in need of a court reporting services for a deposition, trial, or any other legal proceeding, I highly recommend turning to Buell, they are simply outstanding!

Colleen Broberg, Legal Assistant at Galanda Broadman

Buell is my go-to court reporting service and has been a lifesaver for me more than once.

They have come to my rescue when I have had last minute scheduling snafus, helping to find a room for a deposition or even assisting with setting up out of state reporting services when needed. I have worked with them for over 12 years and every single person I have ever dealt with has been an absolute pleasure, this company truly knows what customer service is all about.

Jamie Kirk, Litigation Manager, GC PNW LAW PLLC


Buell Realtime Reporting is that rare firm that provides worry-free, professional service.

Over the years, they have consistently been responsive to attorneys’ particular needs. The reporters are astute and resourceful when it comes to technical terminology, which makes a quick and efficient turnaround of transcripts - both rough drafts and final copy - very reliable. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or added charges, and every reporter is able to keep pace even in the most challenging circumstances.

Suzanne Powers, Cascadia Law Group PLLC


Best Service

I have worked with Buell for years and have had nothing but the best service I could wish for. They are extremely fast, professional, and courteous in securing the best locations, court reporters, and videographers for our depositions. They even secure locations and tech set up for our clients needing assistance getting set up for trial testimony and other important legal matters, such as psychological evaluations conducted via videoconference.

Sarah Awes, Legal Assistant at Pfau Cochran

The Buell Realtime team is incredibly responsive, and professional.

As a Legal Assistant for 12 years, I’ve worked with many different Court Reporters, and Buell has by far become my favorite. They are incredibly responsive, and professional and have never told us they couldn’t do something (no matter how last minute). Brook, Video Production Manager, has been a miracle worker for us more than once!

Lindsey Martin, Legal Assistant at Keating Bucklin & McCormack, Inc., P.S.


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