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Court-Certified Transcription Services in Washington State

Legal transcription services are an important part of how Buell Realtime Reporters delivers litigation support to clients in Washington. As a litigation-focused transcription company, we provide transcribed media of all used formats to law firms, official court reporters, and legal professionals across Washington State.

Our team includes experienced transcribers and court reporters who understand the terms and language used in Washington legal situations. Their experience allows them to transcribe with precision. We understand the critical nature of your work and how important it is to document every word accurately.

Experience helps our transcribers meet your litigation deadlines and provide enhanced turnaround times compared to teams and contractors who don’t focus on litigation. Our team works with all types of media recordings for your convenience.

We build relationships and provide many complementary services beyond transcript service deliveries. Choose Buell Realtime Reporting for your legal transcription and expect quality, dependability, and tailored services.

Let us take the hassle out of transcription so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best—practicing law. We ensure that all transcription complies strictly with our policies of confidentiality and accuracy.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in common legal scenarios, such as court hearings, trial meetings with clients, and interviews.

Detailed Service Features for Every Litigation Need

Learn more about our transcription services and all the situations where firms and lawyers can take advantage of certified transcription specialists.

Precision in Every Word:

The accuracy of a court hearing transcript matters. At Buell Realtime Reporting, we are committed to precisely capturing every word through our certified court reporters. We serve all types of litigation professionals handling court hearings.

Contact us today to make sure your nuanced legal arguments, witness testimonies, and courtroom details are transcribed as accurately as technology permits. Whether in Seattle or Spokane, our transcripts support lawyers working throughout the state of Washington.

A Trusted Record for Critical Moments:

Every word at trials carries weight. That's why our transcriptionists are trained to handle trial recordings and to apply the techniques necessary to deliver an accurate transcript.

They are extensively familiar with the official terminology used in trials and the context in which specific terms are used. This can allow them to parse meaning in edge cases where voices are unclear on a recording.

Comprehensive transcriptions empower lawyers and other legal professionals with a robust case preparation and review instrument.

Legal Strategy:

Strategic discussions during legal meetings establish a strong foundation for successful case results. At Buell Realtime Reporting, we understand the weight of every word in legal conversations and offer transcription services that transform those recorded words into text for distribution within your firm.

We take your raw strategy sessions, client meetings, and negotiation talks and turn them into preserved, printable records.

This way, you can dive back into the discussions anytime, helping you refine and perfect your legal strategies.

With everything laid out clearly, your team can sync effortlessly and better understand roles and strategy. It's all about bringing everyone together to build a stronger case as one cohesive unit.

Documenting Insights with Clarity:

Our transcriptionists produce accurate transcripts of these critical conversations. They treat every interview with the highest level of confidentiality when rendering their transcripts.

Empowering Legal Professionals in Real-Time:

Do you need transcripts that are ready immediately? Through our court reporting services, we can generate transcripts as the proceedings play out and deliver a rough transcript draft at the conclusion of a deposition.

You can search the transcript, mark or highlight testimony for later review or questioning, and generate reports anytime during the proceeding.

A Precise Visual Record:

Do you need a litigation team that provides visual records and the transcripts that follow them? Our team can handle both of these responsibilities. Learn more about our legal video services and video-text synchronization, which allow you to view transcript testimony alongside the deposition video.

Reliability on Every Transcript:

We deliver records expertly transcribed by experienced court-certified transcriptionists. Each document is produced to the highest transcription standards.

Contact us now to get the transcripts you need as soon as possible. The transcripts can help your whole team. They are valuable for researching arguments, informing strategies, and much more.

Timing is Everything:

We understand how important speed is to your legal work. That's why we ensure you get your court transcripts quickly when needed. The dedication to being on schedule is at the heart of what we do. We empower you to proceed confidently and have the proper documents at the right time.


I have had the pleasure of working with Buell Realtime for the past several years.

William Smart, Attorney, Ruiz & Smart LLP

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