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More and more attorneys are choosing to videotape their depositions. At Buell Realtime Reporting, we’ve got your videotaping needs covered, offering the latest high-resolution, broadcast-quality video recording for legal proceedings.

But why videotape a deposition? Why not just simply stick with a deposition transcript? Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Videotaping a Deposition, a valuable tool for today’s attorneys.

  • See what you can’t hear or read. The witness’ demeanor, facial expressions, duration between question and answer, changes in voice tone – all are not apparent in a deposition transcript, but are fully captured by videotaping a deposition. These visual mannerisms can reveal wrinkles that make or break your case.
  • Bring the deposition to life. It’s like the difference between seeing a movie or just reading the script. Reading a deposition transcript is not nearly as effective as playing a video for the jury.
  • Capture the jury’s interest and keep them engaged. For trial purposes, a videotaped deposition keeps the jury interested and allows them to better absorb the content of the deposition. It’s too easy to become disengaged during read-backs of deposition transcripts.
  • Save money on time and travel. Got a witness who lives out of state, or who you’d have to pay for his or her time in court? Save money on time, travel, and accomodations by videotaping a deposition. We can use our affiliate network of videographers and court reporters, as well as complimentary conference rooms around the country, to schedule your deposition videotaping.
  • Get a significant return on investment. Attorney John H. Fisher notes on his blog that the small sum spent on videotaping a deposition, and the effect of the video on the jury’s decision, directly led to a seven figure recovery for his client. Videotaped depositions can greatly help your case, leading to substantial ROI.

Interested in videotaping your upcoming deposition? Learn more about our legal video services.