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Congratulations to Buell Transcript Production Manager Erika Todish, who recently was awarded the Realtime Writers Grant Scholarship at Green River Community College.

Erika is enrolled in the Computer Reporting Technologies (CRPT) program at GRCC in nearby Auburn. CRPT’s Court Reporting track is accredited by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Her scholarship covers a full year of tuition. She plans to work nearly full time at Buell while going to school.

Erika joined Buell Realtime Reporting in 2011 after spending 12 years as a medical transcriptionist. As Transcript Production Manager, she oversees the production and delivery of transcripts, ensuring they arrive accurate and on time to our clients.

About the Realtime Writers Grant Scholarship at GRCC

This past October, Green River received a 5-year grant for the Computer Reporting Technologies program from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant funds the Realtime Writers Scholarship and is part of a project called Career Pathways to Realtime Writing.

The project is a collaboration between Puget Sound Skills Center and Washington Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss. CRPT students gain hands-on experience doing realtime transcription for deaf and hard of hearing students at GRCC and select K-12 schools, as well as captioning instructional videos to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

This is an amazing opportunity for Erika to develop a new skill-set and further her career in court reporting!

"I am excited and honored to receive the Realtime Writers Grant Scholarship through Green River Community College. My educational pursuit to become a court reporter is bolstered by the amazing support and encouragement of the Buell Realtime Reporting team. I am fortunate to have this opportunity to further my career in this exciting and invaluable industry!"