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At Buell Realtime Reporting, we realize our clients are constantly on the go. That’s why we have created the BuellMobile App to enable attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals to have 24/7 access to their deposition calendar, transcripts, and exhibits. Deposition proceedings can also be streamed to your phone in realtime. Download the BuellMobile App and see how simple and easy it is to access your information.

In addition, our website is mobile-friendly. automatically fits any device you’re viewing it on and will function properly from your smartphone or tablet. What that means is:

· Our website adapts the size of the site to your device.

· Easier, intuitive navigation, and functionality for your smartphone or tablet.

· Images adjust to the size of your screen.

Buell Realtime may be based in Seattle, but we assist our clients wherever they go. Now it’s easier than ever to access transcripts, contact us, or learn more about our services, all from your iPhone or iPad. Contact us to schedule your next realtime deposition and view the live feed from your device!