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When scheduling an out-of-state deposition, there are a lot of bases to cover. Don’t sweat the small stuff - let Buell take care of the logistics. With one call to our Seattle office, we’ll take care of scheduling through our proven network of affiliate agencies:

  • Court reporters
  • Videographers
  • Video conferencing
  • Interpreters
  • Conference rooms

We have affiliates in most U.S. locations, and even foreign cities around the globe. We ensure that our partners maintain our same high standards for quality, dependability, and care that you have come to rely on with Buell.

Complimentary Conference Rooms

You need your deposition to be held in a comfortable, professional, and easy-to-access environment. In many instances, we can secure complimentary conference rooms for out-of-state depositions. If there is a conference room charge, we’ll always tell you about it up front, because surprises are the last thing you need while away from home.

Why Schedule Through Buell?

  • Save yourself the time and effort of vetting court reporters, videographers, and interpreters
  • Work with affiliates that maintain the Buell standard of professionalism and accountability
  • Get access to complimentary conference rooms across the country
  • Focus on what’s really important – preparing and executing a flawless deposition

Contact Us Today

To inquire about our nationwide scheduling options for out-of-state depositions, you can: