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"There are so many wonderful things I could say about being a court reporter and working with Buell, I hardly know where to start! I love the challenge that each new case brings and the variety of people I meet – it's just a blessing!"

About Danielle

Dani got her CCR license in 2016 and has been working as a reporter in Bellingham, WA ever since. After graduating with her BA in criminal justice, she originally planned on going to law school! However, she stumbled upon court reporting and quickly realized this was her true calling.

When Dani isn't writing or editing transcripts, she is managing the gym and personal training facility she opened in 2017. She loves lifting weights and helping others begin and continue to grow in their own fitness journeys. Dani also loves to golf and go paddleboarding when the weather cooperates. Otherwise, she is perfectly content staying at home, reading, and spending time with her kitties.

Professional Designations & Education

  • Washington Certified Court Reporter (CCR)