Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing in Seattle, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nationwide

Buell offers a video conference suite in downtown Seattle that supports both IP and ISDN configurations.  Attorneys, paralegals, and clients can conduct face-to-face depositions or other meetings in a setting that is private, efficient, and cost-saving.

Video conferencing reduces the need for costly travel and increases productivity.  Services include the ability to share documents, exhibits, and video.  Our large HD monitor makes for ease of viewing by multiple participants.

Mobile Video Conferencing and Web Streaming

LiveDeposition is a secure, web-based solution that allows you to attend a deposition or meeting remotely from anywhere in the world.  With LiveDeposition, Buell can stream the transcript, video, and audio for your legal proceeding to multiple parties over a secure password-protected feed.

To participate, LiveDeposition requires only a computer, tablet, or other mobile device and a high-speed Internet connection, web browser, and Adobe Flash Player.  No downloads required!

LiveDeposition provides a convenient and cost-saving alternative to traditional video conferencing, as well as increased efficiency and wider participation for your legal team.  Other advantages include:

  • Multiple participants can attend from the convenience of their office or home via secure, password-protected access
  • Private group chat with other members of your legal team
  • PC and Mac computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices
  • The video can be recorded for later review

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I have had the pleasure of working with Connie Holton for the past several years. Connie is our go to court reporter for every deposition.

William Smart - Keller Rohrback, LLP

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